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Welcome to our family album, the place where we keep all sorts of things which are important to us which we'd like to show off just a little bit. You can find out what we've been talking about in Bar Banter, connect with us via all sorts of social media channels, watch some Geronimo TV and see what lovely things people have been writing about us lately.

If that wasn't enough you can meet some of the folks we work with to make the world of Geronimo such a great place as well as seeing what chances there are to join our world.

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Running a pub is not an art and it's not a science, it's somewhere between the two but getting it right just means adhering to some very simple principals: great food, great drinks, a great atmosphere and above all the right people for the job.

Our people drive our business, they know that attention to detail and creating something special for each and every customer is at the core of what we do and in return for this dedication and spark we offer tailored training, personal development and a genuinely fun and exciting place to work.

We've been in this business for nearly twenty years but there's always something new, a fresh challenge around the corner so we never stand still and are always looking for those special people. If you're one of them then we'd love to meet you.


The Basics

We've got a whole raft of statutory training packages to help you start out with us and make sure you're comfortable delivering your best to our cracking customers from your first day with us.


Growing as fast as you want to

If you want to work with us, we want to work with you - it's as simple as that. We won't put you through a standardised one-size-fits all programme but rather build a package of training which works with your passions and skills. Many of our development courses are lead by our Directors because sharing knowledge and enthusiasm is pretty much what we're all about.


Spreading Your Wings

We know that knowing what your colleagues do and how they do it makes the whole team more effective. We won't just train you in your job but in any aspect of what we do which interests you and if you show potential in another area of the business then we'll do our level best to grow you in that direction.


Some people stand head and shoulders above the rest, lead by example and show us what is possible - they're our Superheroes and they drive our business forward with their superhuman powers. Meet the team below.


‘Geronimo is a great company with amazing people from all over the world! Every day is different and exciting. The company gives you a lot of opportunity in personal and career growth’

Stella, Supervisor

‘As soon as I saw the Geronimo website I knew instantly I wanted to be part of this family. I’ve learnt so much in 2 years with being with the company and my self development, its amazeballs! Getting out of bed is easy; I get to work with my London family every day.’

Ross, Assistant Manager

‘Because we are achievers, the start of an adventure, knowing the day will bring unknowns and rewards’

Jamie, Head Chef



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  • Caterer & Hotel Keeper 0/1/2014

    Ed Turner, managing director of pub chain Geronimo, prides him self on his brand being a little bit different, and in a fiercely competitive market, his business ethos has proved to be a winning one.

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  • Emerald Street 14/1/2014

    Cocktails & Cappuccinos, the best places to eat and drink! The Adam & Eve is just off Oxford Street is delightfully welcoming with bright, retro-style decor.

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  • GQ 0/3/2014

    London Bulletin! Decent pubs in the West End are hard to find.

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  • Richmond Twickenham Times 0/1/2014

    Iconic music venue re-opens to the sound of jazz.

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  • Hospitality and Catering News 0/3/2014

    Trade website with coverage on our support for the LCFCGA

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  • BarChick 0/4/2014

    Leading bar and city guide featuring The Bull's Head in a Boat Race round up

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  • Elle UK 0/4/2014

    Leading female lifestyle magazine featuring The Phoenix Victoria in a matharon round up

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  • ES Magazine 0/5/2014

    Weekly lifestyle supplement for Evening Standard Newspaper featuring The Eagle in a feature on beer gardens

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  • Your London Wedding 0/5/2014

    London wedding magazine featuring The Oyster Shed in their 'By The River' feature

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  • Tatler Restaurant Guide 0/5/2014

    Restaurant guide for luxury women's magazine Tatler, featuring The Builder's Arms in their pub section

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  • Stylist 0/6/2014

    Leading women's magazine featuring The Surprise and The Lord Palmerston in a round up

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  • London Evening Standard 0/6/2014

    Website for the Evening Standard featuring The Eagle in a summer beer garden round up

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  • The Times 18/5/2015

    The East Hill was reviewed in The Times for Jeff Mills 'Working Lunch' column.

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  • Britain Magazine 19/5/2015

    The official magazine for Britain included The Builders Arms, The Phoenix and The Surprise in an online article on where to go during Chelsea Flower Show..

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  • House and Garden 6/6/2015

    This leading interior magazine included The Eagle in a round-up of the best outdoor drinking spots in London.

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our partners


Winner of Sustainable Large Restaurant Group of the Year 2014


We are please to announce a 2 Star rating from The SRA


Quote from The SRA report:

“Geronimo Inns has a good range of sustainability practices in place in all areas and it is clear the company understands the principles of sustainability.
The Sustainable Restaurant Association commends Geronimo Inns for its commitment to using UK produce wherever possible and for choosing sustainable, seasonal fish.
It also commends it for its treatment of its staff: there are comprehensive written policies in place, all staff are offered a free healthy meal per shift and there is a good range of benefits on offer.
Other noteworthy actions include having a written sustainable sourcing policy that is given to all suppliers to help ensure standards are being met, implementing formal energy reduction targets and fitting out the pubs with over 50% recycled or reclaimed furniture.”

London City Farms and Community Gardens Association (LCFCGA) and Geronimo Inns


We see the pub as an integral part of the community, it is the very essence of what we do at Geronimo – it’s our DNA, this is why we are so pleased that we are going to be working closely with our friends at the LCFCGA and we hope for many years to come.

The LCFCGA is a registered charity working with the UK Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, which supports, represents and promotes community-managed farms, gardens, allotments and other green spaces, creating opportunities for local communities to grow.

They work with community groups to help empower local people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to build better communities, often in deprived areas, and to make a positive impact on their surrounding environment. Their work contributes to creating better communities across the UK in both urban and isolated rural areas.

Catherine Miller from LCFCGA said “It is fantastic to be working with Geronimo Inns, in support of our London network of community farms and gardens, which do so much good in their local neighbourhoods.”

All pubs have chosen a farm and garden to support over the coming years – by volunteering, raising money and supporting locally.

For more information on the great work that LCFCGA do in the local community go to


Individual pubs, individual menus

The Chefs and their teams still write their own menus. Like the look of the pub they must appeal to the quirks of those in the neighborhood. There’s always a balance of classic pub dishes, done beautifully and more expressive dishes to appeal to those in a delicious mood.



Ray Brown is a man on a mission. British is always best, food miles and provenance are more important than organic. And working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association we are always trying to impact the whole food chain, not just the very end of it…..the food on your plate


The Geronimo Kitchen

As eating out continues to be even more popular, pressure on finding great chefs continues to increase. We now run the Geronimo Kitchen three days a week at the Phoenix in Victoria, allowing suppliers and chefs to express themselves in preparation for the next season. Under the legendary eye and razor sharp wit, of our Exec Chef Peter in the Kitchen and corralled by Sarah front of house, as it’s open to paying punters, we get immediate honest feedback, every operators dream.



Spending time allowing them to learn, to grow in confidence and fostering home grown talent has allowed us to continue to grow sensibly….and deliciously



Our wine list is put together by our very own Master of Wine, John Clevely. He has chosen the three suppliers who give a wide variety of individual wines, typical of the region and the grapes. More so he now has to work harder to list wines we can offer at exceptional value for the quality



Ed Turner continues to taste many a beer to support the varied individual occasions the same person may use the same pub for. It’s still a tough job, tasting beer, but someone has to do it!


Spirits and soft drinks

We’ve got more passionate about a great range of spirits, getting most excited when we find new British brands, but as with soft drinks it’s always down to the quality of production and the taste when served to the parched punter across the bar

Wessex mill

The Munsey family has been milling in Wantage (near Oxford) for four generations. Today the mill is run by Paul Munsey, the great grandson of the founder William Henry Munsey. The business is one of the smallest in Britain still commercially roller milling flour All the wheat milled at Wessex Mill is handpicked from local farms who share Paul’s love of great produce.

John Clevely

John Clevely is the father of Geronimo founding Chief Rupert, he is also a Master of Wine and to this day every bottle we sell has been sampled and approved by him! One of the few companies to have always had their own Master of Wine chosing their list. John is as enthusiastic and as particular as he was when we founded in 1995, when he was a mere 68!

Taste tradition

Founded in 2004 by mother and son Joyce and Charles Ashbridge, Taste Tradition is quickly becoming an in demand supplier. The traditional methods of breeding, rearing and finishing livestock used in the Ashbridge’s grandfather’s days are still very much in evidence – the proof however is in the product and we believe Taste Tradition are producing some of the very best meat currently available in Britain.

Chase vodka

Chase Vodka is made in Herefordshire, not a county well known for its vodka but Will Chase, the founder, changed that. In 2004, during a trip to the US he came across a small distillery making potato vodka and decided that might be an interesting avenue to explore on his potato farm. We wholly support what Will is doing and we love his spirits!


Founded in Cornwall in 1994, just a year before ourselves, we have grown up together! Sharps have been suppliers and friends for the best part of 20 years. Their flagship beer, “Doom Bar” is a huge hit with our regulars – we drink it here and we drink it after surfing the north Cornwall beaches... Gnarly.


Sipsmith have taken the gin world by storm in the last few years and rightfully so. They have created a range of handcrafted, versatile spirits; from their London Dry Gin which makes a mean G&T, to a lovely Sloe Gin, perfect for Autumn drinking – a quick slurp after a cold muddy walk will set you right again! We’ve been drinking their gin since they first introduced us to Prudence (behind Sam, Jarred and Fairfax in the photo!)

Nutbourne nursey

Located just outside Pulborough in West Sussex Nutbourne Nursery are a modest bunch who we want to shout about. Situated on but an acre of land, the Griffith family have been growing tomatoes here since 1979. During the season the crop is picked and packed on a daily basis meaning that this wonderful produce will be on your plate just 24 hours after being on a vine!


We looked high and low to find a specialist cheese producer. Plumpton College in East Sussex stood out from the crowd, as it provides a wide range of land based courses in association with local schools and the University of Brighton, as well as simply delicious artisan cheeses.

Skippers catch

A typical day in the life of our fish goes something like this; Ed Gravestock from Skipper’s Catch buys our fish fresh from Ian Taylor the fisherman, straight off the boat. It is then filleted by champions in fishmongery (yes really!) down at their base in Poole. They liaise with our chefs and the fish is packed and ready to go. This is followed by an express delivery to London overnight, and delivered by 8am the next morning, making the customers plate that day.


Aspall has been making cyder at Aspall Hall in Suffolk since the mid 18th century. The owners of the estate, the Chevalliers, were originally from Jersey and brought with them apple trees from the island. From these small beginnings Aspall grew, and in 1946 they were one of the founding members of the Soil Association. This year we celebrate 10 years of working with them. Here’s to many more, and to Henry’s sideburns.. they are stupendous...