A sparkling West End gem tucked just out of the harm's way which is Oxford Street. The Adam and Eve is the perfect spot to refresh and recharge.

Our pad in the West End which we share with the beautiful people of NoHo. The Adam and Eve is a stones throw from Oxford Street, far enough to avoid the madding crowds, but close enough to refresh the tourists and workers alike, with our modern British pub offer. With real good real ales, tipples for the Friday night crew and a quirky selection of bottled beers the drinker is very well catered for. But it's the diners who make a regular beeline for the pub, for fresh and healthy salads, traditional English fish and chips as well as the creative seasonal treats from the team in the kitchen. The pub itself pays homage to English icons whilst providing both freshness and warmth in equal measures to accommodate most occasions. We have space available to book for dinners up to 20 people or drinks of up to 60. Please visit the Private Hire section for more details.

What's On

The Tin Goose is now closed!

Go visit our friends at The Five Tuns in Terminal 5 or The Three Bells in Terminal 3!